Samui’s Muay Thai Training Camps

Thai kick boxing, Muay ThaiWhen thinking about the connotations of the ancient art form of Muay Thai, or Thai Kick-Boxing as it has become more widely known in Koh Samui’s Muay Thai training camps, muscular and sweat riddled warriors come to mind, knees and elbows dangerously trained to crush and conquer.

The masters of Muay Thai initially derived this art from the need for close contact and hand to hand combat in difficult terrain, from their early threats of invasion. In hand-to-hand combat, weapons become clumsy and therefore elbows, knees, feet and fists became more practical. Now considered Thailand’s national sport, and practiced around the island at gyms, Muay Thai schools and Muay Thai training camps, it has risen in the eyes of martial artists to be one of the most difficult and toughest of the arts.

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  1. Ohsamui says:

    Are women allowed to train in the martial art of Muay Thai? I heard that this was actually banned in Thailand for women to learn?

    • Muay Thai is now an official ladies' sportOriginally women were banned from exercising this art form, although many Thai women know enough of the fighting techniques to stand off an attacker, or to kick your backside for not taking out the garbage. Today you can see children, men and women practicing harmoniously side by side at any dojo in Thailand.
      For women, learning this art has many benefits beyond competition. It is a science, an artful skill, and most importantly a discipline. The beauty of the sport lies in precision and placement of blows or defensive manoeuvres, agility and mental focus, and where size of body has little to no significance. In fact, the women who are attracted to learning Muay Thai come from many different walks of life; some of whom you would never think knew how to make you cry in the blink of an eye.

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