Chaweng Beach Massage

Masseuses will come to you on Chaweng beach Koh Samui has always had a bit of a sultry style when it comes to massages and massage parlours. What you might be aware of is that you don’t have to climb into a strange environment, take of your clothing in a closed curtained room and lie down on a well-used massage mattress. There are masseuses that will in fact come to you on Chaweng beach on this tropical paradise full of wonders and treats beyond measure. 

As you lay basking on the coast of Samui, feet pointing towards the Gulf of Thailand, you will most likely There are masseuses that will in fact come to you on the beachhave a very sweet voice awaken you from your afternoon sunning slumber.

“Massage Madam??”
“Massage Mister??”

Oil massage or Thai massage for couples on Chaweng BeachNow this is where you must reply with a good nod of the head. For a mere 250-300 Thai Baht, you will experience right where you lay a good oil massage, foot-scrub, pedicure or manicure and even a Thai Massage.

Enjoy Koh Samui to its absolute fullest!!

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  1. In Samui says:

    What other wonders are you speaking about on the beaches?

    • You will be surprised what vendors come walking down the beach. From pineapple to spring rolls, bed sheets to ice-cream will find its way by you. All you need to do on Chaweng Beach is find a good spot to hunker down, and watch the shopping walk by.

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