Big Game Fishing on Koh Samui

Fantastic fishing journeys for anglersThe waters off of the shores of the sparkling island of Chaweng on Koh Samui are teeming with big game fish for the angler who lives for the thrill of catch and release.
The thrill of big game fishingFrom beginners to experts, everyone is catered to on these fantastic sea journeys, and you also have the option to either fish by day or explore the evening Asian waters by night.
The captain of these tours has the final say as to where the fishing vessel heads, as he knows the area and weather patterns intimately. As a paying customer you don’t need to take a thing along, as all of the equipment is provided for you.

big game fishing the "big" catch big game fishing

If you’re not interested in fishing there is always time and room to spread out, rest your legs, and catch some of the fabulous sunshine to work on that always desired golden tan.
If you’re not interested in fishing ...And for some, the big game just might be on the fishing vessel itself!

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  1. Where do these fishing trips go? What types of fish can we catch? And are those girls from Chaweng?

    • From the South of Koh Samui Game fishing they fish at Wang Bay, Koh Mudsum, Koh Taen and Koh Rap. Thai seafood lunches and fresh BBQ’s are served on board the boat for many of these operators. Fishing rods and lines are supplied along with fresh bait and lures. Experience coral fishing, trawling and sea bed fishing with regular catches of Barracuda, Cobia, Shark, Mackerel, Sailfish, Snapper, Grouper, Trevally and many more… Game fishing is also a sport for ladies

      Yes, these girls are from the beaches of Chaweng. We lured them to come along.

      Happy fishing!

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