Just One Kiss – A Holiday Dream on Chaweng Beach

Between the beach vendors, and huddled along the water’s edge as it incessantly caresses the shores of Koh Samui, lovers embrace as they look out to sea. Their gazes are fixed no longer on the beauty that lies Sunset kiss at Chaweng Beach Koh Samuibehind them, at the coconut groves reaching out towards neither the oceans nor the exotic birds as they nest within the jungles. Instead they find solitude and peace in the beauty before them. A vastness of stunning grace enraptures them so quietly that they too remain in silence.

A kiss at the sandy shores of Chaweng BeachEvery season brings a new gathering, some young, a great number basking in new love, some grey in their years, but all find time to take a sandy seat on Chaweng Beach to search the horizons for their thoughts, turning into the eyes of the one beside them to deliver nothing more meaningful that the human race can offer to one of its kind. A kiss.

Holiday kisses

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2 Responses to Just One Kiss – A Holiday Dream on Chaweng Beach

  1. Bo Put says:

    Bo Put Beautiful! I have heard that the Thai people do not openly express themselves as we foreigners do. Is this true? Do you see Thai couples on Chaweng Beach holding hands or kissing?

    • Coconut Sam It is true. Thai people are generally reserved and keep such affairs very private. Love is a great force however, and it should never be denied. They are gentle in their affections and once in a while, you may even catch a glimpse of great respect and passion in a wink.

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