The God Brahma Pragasid Shrine

Stop and hold for a time of spiritual commitmentYou may have seen already the incredible shrine that was erected on the main road between Bophut and Chaweng, and wondered what exactly it is, and even where it came from. This shrine was an offering of Khun Chomchoke Karntapicharn, a local businessman, who wanted to provide the shrine to the public on Samui, to worship.

The majestic statue stands proudly along the roadside, and invites everyone to stop and hold, for a time of spiritual commitment. For those visiting the island, it provides an inspirational site to observe. The shrine is one more addition to the diverse culture on Koh Samui and shows the unparalleled traditional commitment of the local people.

The God Brahma Pragasid Shrine on Koh Samui

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  1. La Mai says:

    La Mai saw many flowers at the shrine
    I have seen a celebration at this shrine before, leaving it covered in many wreaths of flowers. What was this event?

    • Coconut Samui Villa holiday maker What you have probably witnessed is on March 6th every year when the shrine celebrates its anniversary. Everyone is invited to join in the festivities of Traditional Thai dance, food and a religious ceremony held to observe the monument. Many other celebrations occur at this shrine as well and often it is very spectacular. The God Brahma Pragasid Shrine has become one of the important visitor attractions on the island to see, and a place to worship for all.

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