The Chaweng, Koh Samui Match-Maker

If there’s one single piece of advice I would give to someone who wants to get greater success with women when looking for love on Koh Samui, it would be this: Talk to a lot of girls.
Girlfriend material in ChawengAnd, if you’re in Chaweng and don’t want a bar-girl, then stay away from them.

Expand your social circle and find a great girlfriendI know this probably isn’t what you were looking for in tips on how to get a girlfriend. You probably wanted a couple of lines and tactics that you could take to a nightclub, use on a girl, take her home and put her on the mantle. Things don’t really work like that. Great girlfriends need a great boyfriend. To be a great boyfriend, you need to have the social skills.

So you want a girlfriend, just one special girl. One precious snowflake. So do most guys – even most of the guys that have a lot of choice with women. The thing is, when you start to meet a lot of girls, you’re going to realise that the girl you thought was girlfriend material before, now just isn’t worth your time (or worth more than one night).

One precious snowflake

You’ve got to go out, three or four nights a week, talk to five or ten groups of girls per night, for a year. And maybe you’ll luck out and be able to find a great girlfriend before the year is out. If not, you’ve set yourself up for a win anyway. Even if you don’t meet a great girl, you still have the skills to expand your social circle and find one.

A new perspective on meeting a girlfriend

Go out and talk to a thousand girls, and you’ll have a new perspective on the situation.

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  1. Eco Samui says:

    Eco Samui
    Just from my brief collective experience, it’s much easier to get a bar-girl on Samui than a foreign one. Maybe some of us are only looking for that one night thing.

    • Samui holiday match maker Yes, some of you are. But take a close look around you the next time you are out. The collection of women, and men for that matter that are gathered in these locations dominate the bar-girls. They too, just like you are looking for a variety of things. Take a close look. There are many wanderers that have found their mates on Samui.

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